Chesterton Windmill crop circle

This crop circle was reported on 26-07-2018 at Chesterton Windmill, UK.


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This is a six-armed stylised star. Each arm is like an old-fashioned dumbbell crop circle design – seen in the early 1990s – one arm even has a ‘key’ another classic design feature. They also each have a series of 4 boxes, two each side of each arm – yet another feature from the classic crop circle design canon. However, it is also mixed with more modern design features such as multi-directional lays and weaving of the crop; the centre circle of the formation contains a beautiful six-armed star (or flower) woven into the laid crop. The design of the arms also has thin, standing pathways within them, something we saw in several formations last year (2017) at; Cherhill, Stanton St Bernard and Langdean Bottom. While the Chesterton Windmill has only 4 blades (or sails) and the crop circle has six arms, one is not a perfect reflection of the other, but the fact that the circle does have arms around a central circle does seem to echo the windmill in a strange way. The fact that we have a modern-day crop circle next to a historical site – and that the formation itself is a mixture of classic, traditional design and modern, complex features – does give this formation a sense of being something that bridges time and place; history with present-day. It’s also a very timely reminder of what a rich and fascinating history the crop circle phenomenon has and how many, only just coming to this subject, will know very little of the early days of the circles and their rich history and culture.

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