Mixon 2018 crop circle

This crop circle was reported on 10-08-2018 close of the village of Mixon, UK.


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Three is a magic number, or so the song goes, but the depth to which the idea of ‘trinity’ is embedded in our culture and psyche cannot be overstated. Three (next to seven), is a number closely associated with spirit, there after all three steps to heaven (so another song goes). Many world deities are three-fold in nature – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – Maiden, Mother, Crone – and time itself is split into Past, Present and Future. Three therefore, is also a tripartate ‘whole’ in its own right. Three is also about harmony, triads of harmonic notes form chords in music, but it can also be about piercing, or transcending duality itself.

Info borrowed from: https://temporarytemples.co.uk/project/mixon-wilts-10th-august-2018


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