New year, new me affirmations

Start your year on the right foot!

Drink out of a cup with your most important yet simplified resolutions of what you want to become. Select a specific day of the week that you want to focus on this specific resolution to help keep it consistent and utilise the power of habit.


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Do you struggle with following through with your new year’s resolutions? Do you drink your coffee or tea at approximately the same time each day?

Just select your day of the week, and your specific affirmation, and voila! The power of habit and positive affirmations will help you with your goal in an easy yet effective way. Better yet, have one for each day of the week with a different affirmation that you think you need in your life. Use this time to feel and embody the feeling of this affirmation.

If you want to drink out of the same mug every day, just select “None” in the affirmation list.

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